Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I'm convinced that procrastination is one of mankind's worst enemies. And how do I know this? Personal experience.

I don't generally procrastinate to the point where I'm in real trouble, but I do it for long enough that I have to listen to those voices nagging me. And then I find when I take care of those things, they really weren't that bad to begin with. You'd think after 50 years, I would figure this out. ha

This morning when I woke up, I was just dragging. I didn't want to get up and go to work. I think part of it is the heat. It kind of drains a person--and my office is an oven. Regardless, I vowed to take care of at least two things that I've been putting off. I'm happy to say that I actually did more than two!!! And wow, I feel so much better tonight! I've actually been feeling somewhat depressed and overwhelmed.

The one thing I procrastinate continually is updating my checkbook and paying bills. It is always SOOOO depressing. Maybe it wouldn't be so depressing if I did it more often and didn't have to worry about the unknown. ha

So tonight, after I mowed the lawn (1), I turned on the All-Star Game and worked on my checkbook (2). I paid a couple of outstanding bills (3) and filed some paperwork (4). Earlier in the day I called my insurance company and paid for my cars for the next six months (5). I also called U of U Healthcare regarding an outstanding bill I am questioning (6).

Even though my house is a bit of a mess tonight, I have to feel good about accomplishing the things I did.

Tomorrow..........................I'm going to wash and vacuum my filthy, disgusting car!

So I'm interested..................... What sorts of things do you all procrastinate doing?

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angieinpink said...

pretty much everything. must be a dent gene. first and foremost though: laundry. hence the reason i am blogging at 11:13 while waiting for the washer so myron doesn't have to wear his birthday suit to his insurance appointments tomorrow!

love the post, oh, how i relate!

HollyOak said...

I'm a major laundry procrastinator too, at every stage. Putting it in the washer, moving it to the dryer, taking it out of the dryer, putting it away, putting it in the laundry instead of on my floor. Boo. That is why my room is messy.

joeyship said...

I don't procrastinate laundry--I just forget. It's insane! I end up washing some loads 2 or 3 times because I let them sit and they get stinky!!! Especially in this heat! YUK!!!!

joeyship said...
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granny said...

Anything that involves a phone call, especially if it is someone I don't know, mending, ironing, spraying weeds, anything MEDICAL, or things that seem like they will be hard, like starting my living room draperies. Come ON, I've had the fabric for months and finally got the rods up...life just gets in the way. Sometimes I don't start because I don't think I have enough time to finish...I'm waiting for the "perfect time." It never comes. It is amazing I get anything done. :)

joeyship said...

We are cut from the same cloth, dear (ar ar)!

runningfan said...

Hey, I just found your blog (this is Heidi Bartle, btw). Fun stuff! And since you asked, I procrastinate housework of all kinds until I reach a freak-out threshhold and go nuts for hours until it's all done. And then the cycle repeats.

granny said...

I think you need to stop procrastinating your next post. Hahahahaha.

joeyship said...


What in the world are you doing up at that time of morning?????

Holy Canoli!!!!

And I haven't posted because I don't have a blasted thing to post. I lead a very boring and mundane existence!

granny said...

joeyship...I'm not sure why I commented so late. I am sure I was waiting up till midnight for r-dawg, and then one thing just led to another. tsk tsk

joeyship said...

What is r-dawg?

angieinpink said...

i had heard of flylady...but never really read up on it!! i love it...thanks for the link! (: i definitely struggle with this domestic/housekeeping stuff, so that's fab, thanks!

oh, and i'll answer for my mom, since, i think she's on her way to utah as we speak! (: r-dawg = ryan dixon. (:


granny said...

joeyship! Love the picture. Thanks for posting. Can't wait to talk to you.